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Trims and accessories is a major textiles industry in Bangladesh. It is known as the second largest after the cotton textile industry. Trims and accessories are used in all kinds of clothing, shoes, bags, footwear, bedsheets, and even home furnishing. It is a very high-demand market in Bangladesh.

What is the difference between trims and accessories?

Trim and accessories are very similar in terms of appearance, however, the main difference between them is the usage. Trim is a term used for the various parts of the garment that give it a specific look. Accessories are used to embellish the basic design of a garment. They are usually worn by adding or fixing a scarf, belt, buttons or other things.

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Different Types of Trims Used in Garments

In garment industry, a variety of different types of trims are used in making garments

Sewing Thread

There are different types of trims used in garments. They are called sewing thread. They are used to finish the edge of a garment and make it look neat and smart. Sewing thread is available in different colors, thicknesses and materials. Some of the common ones are polyester, cotton, silk, nylon, polyamide, rayon and hemp.

Button Trims

Button Trims are the most popular and widely used in the garments industry. Button Trims are available in different colors, shapes and designs to suit different styles of garments. Button Trims are available in different colors, and can be embellished with gems or stones, to add a finishing touch to your outfit.

Zipper Trims

Zipper Trims are used in many garments to add a sense of style and elegance. Zipper Trims are also known as hem trims, which are placed on the edges of the garments. They help to add that extra touch of class to your wardrobe. They are available in different materials like silk, satin, velvet, etc. and you can choose from different styles such as slant zipper trim, rounded zippers and so on.

Velcro Trims

Velcro Trims are used in clothing to attach different types of trims. It is a type of trim that has a loop on one side and a hook on the other. Velcro Trims are a great choice for garments that need to be attached to other garments or accessories. You can use Velcro Trims for attaching belts, hats, or any other accessory you want to wear with your garment. Velcro Trims are easy to use and can also be sewn into your garment. If you are looking for a great Velcro trim that will give your garment some extra flare, this is the one for you.

Shoulder pad Trims

Shoulder pad trims are a great way to create interesting patterns in your garment. It is a special type of trim that is made from a fabric or ribbon. You can use it to add different designs and prints to your clothing.

Linings Trims

Linings trims are used in garments to give the garment a more finished look. It is a small piece of fabric that is sewn on the garment's edge. Linings trims can be attached to the garment in various ways. They can be attached with an embroidery machine, or with a sewing machine. Some linings trims are made from leather, and are cut into shape and stitched on the garment's edge.

Interlinings Trims

Interlinings are used in garments for shaping and enhancing the fit. They are available in various types, depending on the shape of the garment. A triangular interlining is used to make a garment fit the bust area, while a rectangular interlining is used to create a straight shape in a garment.

Snap Button Trims

There are many types of trims used in garments, but the most popular are the snap button trims. This type of trim is the easiest to use and is used in any type of garment where buttons are not suitable. The trim is a small piece of metal that snaps onto the garment, making it easy to remove and replace.

Snap fastener Trims

Snap fastener trims are the most popular and popular trim used in garments. It is a simple and cheap type of trim that is also available in different colors and patterns. They are used in a wide range of garments like t-shirts, pants, jackets, dresses, shirts and many more.

Bias tape Trims

Bias tape trims are used in garments for making a straight line. They are available in different colors and sizes. They can be used to make a straight line on the edges of the neckline, sleeves, waistline, hemline and other parts of the garment.

Different Types of Garments Accessories

You need to wear different types of garments for various occasions, and these garments come in different colors, styles, and designs. There are many different types of garments accessories are:

Hang Tags

Hang Tag accessories are used for branding and identification of products. They are available in different shapes, sizes and materials. They help you to brand your product, hang it on the store shelves, keep it safe from dust and other damages.

Carton Accessories

Carton accessories are used to help pack the cartons. Carton accessories are used to protect the cartons from damage during transit. Carton accessories can be made of paper, plastic, metal, or wood. They can be used for a single carton or for multiple cartons.

Scotch Tape Accessories

Scotch tape is an essential item in every household. It is used for sealing and fastening different things. It is also used to repair and protect clothes, wood, plastic, and leather. Scotch tape is made of different materials and comes in different sizes. The best part about this tape is that it can be used for many other purposes as well.

Clips Accessories

Clips accessories are made to attach things like bags, purses, wallets, belts and other small objects. Clips are available in different types, like buckle clips, studded and plastic. Studded clips are also known as buckle clips and come in various designs and styles. These clips are used to hold up a pair of pants or shoes by holding them together at the waist or the ankle.

Clothes Hanger

This is a type of garment accessory that hangs your garments on a clothes hanger. This is used to hang your clothing on a rack or hanger. The clothes hanger is made of steel and has different hooks on it. This hanger can be fixed on the wall or ceiling.

Clothes Hanger

Clothes hangers are very essential in every home. You can find many types of clothes hangers available in our garment industry. The main purpose of having clothes hangers is to keep your clothes in proper condition and also help you to hang your clothes on a regular basis.

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