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Fabric Lagbe Ltd is one of the new marketplace startups in Bangladesh aiming to connecting national and international Buyers with Local Industries and traders for buy and sell the Fabric, Yarn, Cotton, RMG, Machine, Trims &Accessories, Textile Process, Job work & building a sustainable ecosystem for artisan/workers. In this digital era of Bangladesh, where businesses are making a shift from physical to virtual for their buying & sourcing needs. Textile & RMG producer meet the market demand through using Fabric Lagbe platform. Buyers & sellers in the competitive market are always found to suffer in finding out the respective business counterparts where they will get the benefits by using fabric lagbe digital Transparent Supply Chain & Responsible Sourcing.


To cater to all kinds of your above requirement, we welcome you to Fabriclagbe.com. Being an online commercial transaction platform, we start with the philosophy of making textile business easier with the vision to facilitate and promoting textile business without any barrier that will play a commendable role in the global textile and apparel business. 

We are determined to empower people to solve their daily needs in textile business significantly simplifying the overall impediments on the efficient and rewarding completion of the business.

 In this Digital era of Bangladesh, where e-commerce business is booming, we are offering textile products and services to meet the market demand.  Buyers, sellers and Mill/Factory owner in the competitive market are always found to suffer in finding out the respective business counterparts. As the backward linkage industry and also supplier of the textile products, such as- Fabric , Yarn ,Cotton, Readymade garments , Textile machine ,Trims &Accessories ,Dying Process, Job work &  Manpower, sizing raw materials and  other textile products   Fabric lagbe will provide wide range of supply-coverage  like a banyan tree, this paving way to hassle free business in the textile sector, requiring minimum agony, time and expenses.

Fabric lagbe is equipped with appropriate customized facility and services to ensure all the textile businesses in a spirit of ‘One Stop Service’. We are furnished with finest technology and best plan to serve every member. We have designed our own business development system which is the pioneer in the field and welcome to everyone in here.

We are committed to reach you and meet your requirements faster than your expectations, helping you to smile with relief & satisfaction. 

For the first time in Bangladesh, we have introduced open bidding system covering all categories of textile necessities .We are connected, passionate and capable to  value your need , concerns, expectations, business commitments, timeliness and profitability.

So please test the warmth of our innovation towards reliable, hassle free and rewarding business.

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